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LNK CENTRE, 15 jana dalina street, riga, latvia

Class A office centre. Building's total area - 10 546 m2. Land area - 8 159 m2, underground area of 2 387 m2. 

LNK Centre building is located in city's downtown area, which is rapidly developing and is clearly becoming the business centre of Riga.

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Alojas Biznesa Centrs business center, 62 Kr.ValdEmara Street, Riga, Latvia

Alojas Biznesa Centrs project has received a green certificate for compliance of the building with all ecological and energy saving standards.

An A-class office center Alojas Biznesa Centrs is one of the most up-to-date commercial projects in Riga.

The advanced architectural and technical design resulted in high degree of natural lighting and free module layout. It embodies the majority of new technologies of automated building management and energy efficiency, which considerably cuts the expenses on building maintenance.

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kalnciema biroji, 2a kauguru street, riga, latvia

Office building complex consists of one three-storey and one four-storey building with a total area of 4 000 m2. Premises from 15 m2 to 200 m2 are offered for rent and first floors of the buildings can serve for retail needs. 

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Office building complex consists of one three-storey and one seven-storey building with a total area of 7 000 m2. In 2017 it is planned to start renovation works inside and outside of the building and to make site improvements – to constuct two spacious parking lots for 150 cars. It is planned to finish works in 2018. 

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Mukusalas biroji business center, 6 Biekensalas street, Riga, Latvia

The center is in Pardaugava district of Riga, near the Island Bridge. The total area of the buildings is 11,000 sq, meters. There is a guarded parking lot for 200 cars. The center was put into operation in 2002.

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Darzciema biroji business center, 60 Darzciema street, Riga, Latvia

Biznesa Centrs is a B-class office building with the total area of 6,000 sq. meters with a parking lot for 100 cars. The center is in Purvciems district of Riga in close proximity to the South Bridge.

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Sporta Residence business center at 7 Sporta Street, Riga, Latvia

The area of the building is 550 sq. meters and it has 10 parking spaces. The building was reconstructed in 2010 and the state-ofthe- art building management and climate control systems were installed.

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Alojas residence business center, 6 Alojas Street, Riga, Latvia

It is a 900 sq. meter large office building with a parking lot for 35 cars in the very center of Riga with a fenced-in and well-kept territory. The building has central heating with an autonomous heat producing system.

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Dienvidu Varti I business center, 74 Darzciema street, Riga, Latvia

A B-class office building with the total area of 20,000 sq. meters and underground parking for 160 carsnear the Southern Bridge is favorably located and has convenient access roads. Features a modern architectural style, with building and climate control systems. Currently at the design stage.

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 alojas kvartals, 62a Kr.Valdemara Street, Riga, Latvia

The 2,200 sq. meter large shopping mall Alojas Kvartāls is in the center of Riga. Among the lessees are shops such as Rimi, Ķekava, Siberika, Santehnikas Meistars and other well-known chains. The shopping mall has a parking lot for 50 cars.

LNK Group has historically emerged as one of the major players in Riga's commercial property market. We develop commercial projects ourselves according to our vision of the future of the city and the country. Creating new projects we strive to take into account the demands of our prospective lessees concerning layout, logistics, lighting, heating, etc. When we develop commercial projects in historical buildings, we first and foremost try to combine eternal values with modern technologies in thermal and energy efficiency.

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Baltijas Industrialais parks, 7 Piedrujas Street, Riga, Latvia 

The complex leases out high tech production and storage premises as well as modern offices with a total area of 10,000 sq. meters. Well-developed infrastructure of the district, convenient access roads as well as amenities and security guards on the territory make Baltijas Industrialais Parks a good and easy partner for lessees.

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Baltijas logistikas parks, 15 Granita street, Stopini region, Rumbula, Latvia

An A-class technological park. Total production, storage and office space area of 35 000 sq. meters, overall area of 10 hectares. Currently at the design stage.

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