LNK Properties

LNK Properties is a brand name under which the LNK Group real estate development department successfully builds and develops industrial, trading, office and residential projects for further lease and sale.

Our motto is "Intelligent Quality".

It has been chosen as LNK Group companies were founded more than 25 years ago by scientists and engineers. Since then a scientific approach and innovative policy have remained as guidelines for our activities. The attitude towards the selection of accommodation and premises for lease has changed as the demands of customers have considerably grown and quality is at the forefront.

There are numerous professional nuances and thus success is in the attention to detail. Intellectual quality means that a building is designed and built with optimum efficiency, i.e. it has a convenient modern layout, utility rooms, fitted furniture, carefully considered lighting, improved thermal and sound insulation, ecologically clean materials and many other factors.


We consistently and responsibly adhere to the high quality standards we set ourselves and offer the best available. We erect buildings for people to enjoy living and working in for years to come.

Quality and responsibility

Whatever class a house belongs to, it still has an eternal value. A house is built for centuries to come and, therefore, scientifically based calculations, sturdy foundations, walls and a roof, reliable hydro and thermal insulation are a must. These key issues are solved at the stage of design. Any class of building construction is carried out by LNK Group's own companies thus consistently ensuring high quality. In order to fulfil all the work on time, with good quality that corresponds to the set standards, we work on the project from start to finish, from a concept and design to commissioning the project and to further maintenance of the building. We never try to save at the expense of quality and we do not compromise for the sake of lowering the budget.


A comprehensive approach of LNK Properties makes it possible to always meet the deadlines. At every stage of construction an optimal number of people should be involved. Only a large enterprise which employs a lot of specialists can afford it. LNK Group is proud of its staff of highly qualified designers, builders of all trades, technical supervision inspectors and maintenance specialists.