LNK Industries

LNK Industries is the leader in design and implementation of large-scale production and construction projects in the Baltic States. The company’s vast experience, extensive knowledge and innovative approach ensure efficient solutions and turnkey project implementation.

LNK Industries specialises in building multi-functional sites, i.e. terminals, infrastructure and production, hydro-technical and civil engineering buildings, as well as in the installation of self-designed and produced conveyor systems at these sites.

We guarantee accurate and fast performance of work, and reliability, as well as quality in compliance with EU standards, because all our objects and technological equipment are certified under the standards of ISO quality management systems.

The uniqueness of LNK Industries derives from the fact that the company is successfully able to fulfill complicated design and construction assignments by relying solely on its internal resources. Therefore, we can guarantee the high quality of all construction elements and technological equipment, ensure timely performance of jobs and assume responsibility for compliance with financial liabilities.

LNK Industries implements projects not only in Latvia, but also in other European Union and CIS countries.

Projects are implemented with the assistance four affiliated companies of LNK Industries:

Latvijas tilti

Implementation of hydrotechnical projects, production of reinforced concrete structures, as well as design and construction of bridges and overpasses.


Installation of pile foundations.


Production of conveyor systems and non-standard equipment, as well as production of metal structures of varying complexity and size.